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About Us

IP-Valuation is a leading consulting and software firm specializing in the valuation of intellectual property and intangible assets. The company was founded in September 2005 and is headquartered in Munich. IP-Valuation is unique for its merging of outstanding expertise in the valuation of intangible assets with IT know-how at the highest level.

With our consulting services, we support you in the complex valuation of intangible assets (e.g. trademarks / brands and patents) for various valuation purposes such as transactions, impairment tests or licensing. Taking into consideration the valuation purpose, we carry out a client-specific valuation and prepare the corresponding valuation report. Furthermore, we support you in issues concerning IP-management, as well as corporate financing with intangible assets and provide answers to balance sheet accounting issues. We calculate the appropriate royalty rates for intangible assets and advise you in the exploitation of brands and patents.

In the realm of trademark valuation, it is possible to licence our unique trademark valuation software BrandValue and to integrate it into your IT system. With the world’s first trademark valuation software, you are able to calculate your trademarks’ value with the most modern scientific valuation methods, while benefitting from the advantages of independent software. Because of its modular structure, BrandValue is suitable for various valuation purposes, e.g., value-based brand management or balance sheet impairment tests of brands.