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A decisive benefit of the trademark valuation software “BrandValue” is the fulfilment of the directives of the internationally recognised accounting standards and principles (IAS/IFRS). In accordance with IAS 36 and IAS 38, for brands with indefinite useful life, an impairment test has to be conducted at least once a year. In doing so, in accordance with the principal of individual valuation, the fair value of every individual brand has to be determined. The trademark valuation software "BrandValue", offers you a reliable and efficient execution of this impairment test.

Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Weber (WP/StB), a recognized IFRS expert, who is a former member of the German Accounting Standards Board and the Institute of Accountancy at the University of Saarbrücken, has given his expert opinion on the trademark valuation software Brandvalue. He comes to the conclusion that the trademark valuation software offers a very good method of calculation of trademark value which is consistent with the IFRS regulations. Furthermore the trademark valuation method is characterized by a high degree of objectivity and traceability.

Extract from Prof. Dr. Claus-Peter Weber's (WP/StB) report:

"The trademark valuation method designed by IP-Valuation is, as a market-oriented valuation, a suitable and accurate method of carrying out a fair value acquisition-valuation of trademarks in accordance with IAS 38 and IFRS 3."

"For the subsequent valuation the trademark valuation method is, as a market-oriented valuation, a suitable way of calculating the fair value for the prescribed impairment test in accordance with IAS 36."

"As data of external data bases concerning other peer groups are used to a considerable degree in the market-oriented valuation, the aspect of objectivity is fulfilled substantially. The determination of individual peer groups is also characterized by a high degree of objectivity, transparency and traceability and is not based on subjective judgements of the valuating company."