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As the first software for monetary trademark valuation worldwide, IP-Valuation's trademark valuation software BrandValue has revolutionized the valuation of trademarks.

BrandValue is unique for its combination of outstanding expertise in valuing trademarks with state-of-the-art IT know-how. It allows you to calculate your trademarks’ value with the most modern scientific valuation methods, and at the same time to benefit from the advantages of independent software.

Because of its modular structure, BrandValue is suitable for various valuation purposes (e.g. corporate transactions, sale of trademarks, licensing, trademark management or trademark accounting / impairment test). In order to be able to provide you with a solution that fits your company’s requirements, we will be glad to customize our valuation software as requested.

With the trademark valuation software “BrandValue” and within the framework of value-based brand management, you can conduct your own brand valuations, divided into different target groups, products and countries, or regions. This enables the continual monitoring of the brand value and the corresponding verification of the marketing successes. Furthermore, it also guarantees regular or annual evaluation of brands, so as to establish a continuous increase in brand value within the framework of value-based brand management.

In accordance with IAS 36 and IAS 38, for brands with indefinite useful life, an impairment test has to be conducted at least once a year. In doing so, in accordance with the principal of individual valuation, the fair value of every individual brand has to be determined. The trademark valuation software “BrandValue“, offers you a reliable and efficient execution of this impairment test.

As a user of BrandValue, you will benefit from:
  • Flexible and independent trademark valuation
  • Easy realization of scenario and sensitivity analyses
  • The ability to select different valuation approaches
  • Detailed and transparent valuation reports available as pdf, excel, or word files
  • Effective management of trademark values in separate portfolios
  • Access to numerous databases
  • Cost-efficiency
  • National and international accounting standards are fully complied with